Edmonton, Canada

John Bennett


Date of Birth:
October 27, 1988

Want to Work in:
Edmonton, Canada

Work Experience:
> 10 year

High school or equivalent

Government & Military


military, infantry and logistics supply and transport, inventory management.

I've just moved here from New Zealand, since 2005 i have been in the New Zealand Army both as Infantry and Logistics, My home town has suffered major earthquakes since September 2010 and they are on going today, I have come to Canada for a fresh start which i hope to achieve

Work Experience
Supply Tech, Infantry Rifleman
Christchurch New Zealand - New Zealand Army
from 2005.06 to 2011.10
At the start i was a rifleman mainly combat training with various weapons, I trade changed to Logistics under supply and transport, there i had a inventory management role i was in charge og looking after and maintaining all sorts of stores from the basic office stores to weapons to dangerous goods and explosives, also there was a administration role there too.
Fleet service Technition
Christchurch New Zealand - The Tyre General
from 2004.01 to 2008.06
Commercial Tyre fitter, I was on the road in a truck changing all manners of tyres from golf carts to big earth moving equipment,
customer service was a big role there too, After I joined the Army I worked there part time.
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